Are Nutserts And Rivnuts The Same Thing?

Are rivnuts and Nutserts the same thing? Well, sort of.

Although rivnuts are most commonly used in metalworking they are also made to work with other materials such as plastic. 

Rivnuts are basically machine screws that have a small lip located on the top of the rivnut just below the screw head. The lip is thinner than the rest of the rivnut which allows for countersinking (flush mounting) them inside your project. This prevents any sharp edges or surfaces from ripping your skin; it’s why rivnuts are preferred over using sheet metal screws alone to attach things like guitar body parts or pickguards on acoustic guitars.

There are many varieties of rivnuts including ones designed for interior use, outdoor use, rivnuts for blind holes (hidden rivnuts), and rivnuts for thin materials.

Nutserts are similar to rivnuts in that they both create a threaded hole after being inserted into another piece of material; however rivnuts only work with thin sheet material like metal whereas Nutserts can be used on thicker pieces like wood. Rivnuts are installed using a press while Nutserts may require drilling or screwing if you don’t have the correct installation tool.