Plus Nuts Vs Rivet Nuts…and Install Tool Comparisons.

Let’s discuss the differences between a Plus Nut & a Rivet Nut, when to use each and the differences in installation tools. Links to the tools and supplies below…

Couple of other considerations I forgot to mention in the video. Since the Plus nuts have a thicker collar on them they will stick up higher than the riven nuts once installed, just something to be aware of when your using them and plan accordingly. Also you can get a inexpensive manual tool (Link below) that is slower but more cost effective if your working on a budget.

The pneumatic tool comes with a short mandrel (hardened Allen head bolt) made for rivet nuts. If your going to use plus nuts you need to pick up a longer bolt, available at any industrial bolt supply) a chrome bolt works in a pinch that you can find at the local hardware store.

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 Astro 1450 Plus Nut Tool:
Pneumatic Rivet/Plus Nut Tool:
Standard Rivet Nut Tool:
Manual Plus/Riven Nut Setter: (Will require longer bolt for Plus nuts) –
Quality Plus Nuts: