What Are Rivnuts Used For?

Rivnuts are used for many different applications, rivnuts can be described as being ‘mechanical fasteners’ due to the swivel nut rotating under an attached bolt. Due to rivnuts being able to turn 360 degrees, rivnuts are often called rivotts by industry professionals. Rivnuts are popular because rivnut installation requires no pre-drilled holes or tapping of screw threads.

Rivnuts have a long history dating back to the 1980’s when rivnut technology was first created in the USA . The rivotts were initially designed for holding furniture components together and still has its presence today with companies such as Mobile Vision offering rivnut installation services onto large vehicles such as buses and trucks. Rivets are also found in a variety of machinery including rivnuts in the automotive industry for rivnut installation into car body panels. Rivnuts can then be used to join two aluminium alloy panels together instead of welding them which reduces weight and increases rivnut strength.

Many other rivets are used throughout different industries because rivetts offer an easier ‘freestanding’ threaded hole that does not require any pre-drilling or tapping. The process for rivnut installation is fast, easy and highly cost effective option.

There are many benefits rivnuts offer, one benefit is rivetts do not damage screw threads like tapping would which also produces less waste materials. The swivel nut present on every rivnut allows rivnuts to be installed easily without requiring pre drilling or tapping of the rivnut. The rivnut design means rivets are stronger than traditional solid rivnuts and appear in a variety of different shapes allowing for rivetts to suit any application.

Rivnuts can be found in many different industries including rivotts in the automotive industry, rivets in the aircraft industry, rivets used in the furniture industry and more. Rivnuts are extremely popular because they offer fast installation with no need for pre drilled holes or taps when compared to other methods such as welding. Rivnut installation is quick with specific rivnut tools which allow installers to quickly swap between ratchet hex drive sockets on the one tool. This rivnut tool is also compatible with other rivetts to allow installers to quickly find rivnuts that fit their application.

Rivnuts are beneficial over traditional rivnuts due to the swivel nut allowing rivotts to be installed without using pre-drilling or tapping which allows rivnut installation costs to be reduced. The rivnut design offers many benefits including strength, material wastage reduction and rivotts fitting into different applications due to the large range of shapes rivets are available in. Rivnuts are extremely popular within industries such as the automotive industry for car body panels, furniture industry for aluminium joinery and more.